4 questions on COVID-19 vaccines and bivalent boosters, responded Anderson Most cancers Heart

You’ve been vaccinated for COVID-19, however is it time in your subsequent booster? Which form of booster will have to you get, and is there an age restrict? What if you happen to’ve lately been inflamed with the SARS CoV-2 virus that reasons COVID-19? And let’s no longer fail to remember it’s flu vaccination season. Are you able to get the COVID-19 and flu vaccinations on the identical time?

Use those solutions from Leader An infection Keep an eye on Officer Roy Chemaly M.D., and Ann Klopp, M.D., Ph.D., scientific director for MD Anderson’s COVID-19 vaccine clinics, to assist you make a decision when and the right way to time table your vaccinations.

Am I due for a COVID-19 booster?

Not too long ago, the Meals and Drug Management (FDA) and Facilities for Illness Keep an eye on and Prevention (CDC) approved up to date, bivalent formulations of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines for booster doses within the U.S. This bivalent booster replaces the unique method of the booster vaccine.

That implies the bivalent boosters are actually the one form of boosters you’ll be able to get if you’re age 12 or older. (Kids ages 5 thru 11 nonetheless get the unique monovalent booster). The excellent news is the up to date bivalent boosters give you the highest to be had coverage in opposition to the virus circulating maximum within the U.S. presently, the BA.5 Omicron subvariant.

The former booster suggestions thought to be older age, immunocompromised standing, and advisable time periods between the primary and 2nd boosters. However those now not practice. So long as you’re age 12 or older, you’re eligible to obtain the bivalent booster if it’s been no less than two months since your closing COVID-19 booster or number one sequence vaccination.

You’ll use the CDC’s time table for staying up-to-date together with your COVID-19 vaccinations.

Must I wait to be vaccinated if I’ve lately had COVID-19?

For those who lately recovered from COVID-19, the CDC says you might imagine ready 3 months to be vaccinated from when your signs began or, if you happen to had no signs, whilst you first gained a good take a look at. That’s as a result of reinfection is also much less most probably within the weeks after an infection. It is dependent, alternatively, on non-public possibility components akin to your possibility of serious illness will have to you get reinfected, the extent of COVID-19 for your group, and the transmissibility of the present COVID-19 variant inflicting infections.

It’s highest to apply CDC tips for vaccination if you’re reasonably or critically immunocompromised.

Is it higher for me to get an extra number one dose or a booster?

With regards to COVID-19 vaccines, further number one doses and boosters aren’t interchangeable. People who find themselves reasonably or critically immunocompromised want an extra number one dose as a part of the principle vaccine sequence. This dose will have to be administered inside a couple of weeks of the second one dose of your number one sequence, relying on which vaccine product you gained (e.g., Pfizer or Moderna). Because it is a part of the principle sequence, it’s the identical monovalent vaccine method as the primary two doses of your number one sequence.

Conversely, all COVID-19 booster vaccinations now are with the up to date, bivalent formulations of the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. So, if you want a booster, you’ll get the bivalent COVID-19 vaccine, without reference to whether or not you’ve had a booster dose prior to.

Practice the CDC’s COVID-19 Vaccination Time table to understand if you find yourself eligible in your subsequent dose or use the CDC’s Booster Instrument to understand when it’s time in your first or subsequent booster. If you’re reasonably or critically immunocompromised, remember to take a look at the CDC’s particular vaccine booster suggestions for you.

Can I am getting my COVID-19 and flu vaccinations on the identical time?

Sure, however it additionally will depend on your own cases. For the general public, the CDC says it’s secure to get your COVID-19 and flu vaccinations on the identical consult with so long as the injections are no less than 1 inch aside.

On the other hand, there are further issues for the ones receiving a COVID-19 vaccine and any other form of vaccination like a vaccine to give protection to in opposition to monkeypox. Additionally, some pharmacies in the neighborhood are requiring people who find themselves immunocompromised to area out their COVID-19 and flu vaccinations through a couple of weeks to fortify the immune machine’s reaction to the vaccinations.

For those who’re a affected person at MD Anderson, you’ll be able to time table your COVID-19 vaccine by way of MyChart.

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