Identical quantity of lengthy Covid signs following Omicron and Delta variants

New analysis presentations that those that were inflamed through the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus document lengthy Covid simply as ceaselessly as those that have been inflamed with the Delta virus.

“We discovered that the danger of growing standard post-Covid signs that have been identified through a basic practitioner (GP) after a Covid-19 an infection was once the similar irrespective of whether or not the affected person were inflamed through Omicron or Delta,” researcher Karin Magnusson on the Norwegian Institute of Public Well being (NIPH) says in a press free up (hyperlink in Norwegian).

Researchers from the NIPH and different organisations have adopted 1.3 million Norwegians for 126 days when they have been examined for the virus. They studied the person’s touch with their GP referring to lengthy Covid signs for as much as 126 days following their take a look at date.

The everyday lengthy Covid signs investigated have been exhaustion, cough, muscle and skeletal ache, middle palpitations, shortness of breath, nervousness and melancholy, and issue concentrating.

Researchers did discover a distinction. The ones inflamed with Omicron had a decrease possibility of going to the physician with signs after 90 days or extra had handed. There was once additionally a decrease prevalence of musculoskeletal ache 90 days or extra after Omicron an infection than there was once 90 days after Delta an infection.

“Taken in combination, the findings display that Omicron will reason an equivalent, or moderately decrease, long-term burden at the number one healthcare carrier because of post-Covid proceedings than what Delta will reason, however the distinction between the virus variants isn’t giant,” Magnusson says.


Translated through Alette Bjordal Gjellesvik.

Reference: Magnusson, Karin et al, Submit-covid scientific proceedings following an infection with SARS-CoV-2 Omicron vs Delta variants, Nature Communications (2022)


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