New Omicron sub-variant present in Public Well being Sudbury & Districts

Affiliate Scientific Officer of Well being, Dr. Imran Adrian Khan says the most recent new Omicron variant has arrived our space. Photograph supplied by means of pixabay

Public Well being Sudbury & Districts says the brand new Omicron sub-variant, XBB together with XBB 1.5, has been detected within the native districts.

Dr. Imran Adrian Khan, a health care provider with the company, emphasizes some experiences display that XXB is probably the most transmissible variant detected up to now, including projections for this week that it might make up greater than 20% of all lines present in Ontario.

He provides you will need to keep up-to-the-minute with vaccinations and to proceed working towards non-public protecting measures.

Dr. Khan provides test with the well being unit to look in case you are due for a booster.

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