Public steered to obtain COVID-19 vaccination as early as conceivable The ones vaccinated out of doors Macao must registered in Macao promptly

MACAU, November 5 – The Reaction and Coordination Centre reminds that, citizens, non-resident staff and scholars who often commute between Zhuhai and Macao must listen that from 00:00 on 5 November, folks elderly 5 or above who fail to offer evidence of getting won a minimum of one dose of COVID-19 vaccine will have to cling an evidence of adverse COVID-19 nucleic acid check inside of 24 hours after the date of sampling when travelling to Macao from Zhuhai Town or Shenzhen Town of Guangdong Province.

Individuals who had been vaccinated towards COVID-19 within the Mainland or in different places however have now not registered their knowledge within the COVID-19 vaccination report machine of the Well being Bureau of the Macao Particular Administrative Area will have to additionally cling an evidence of adverse COVID-19 nucleic acid check inside of 24 hours after the date of sampling with the intention to use the self-service customs clearance machine; differently, they’re required to make use of the handbook channels to substantiate their COVID-19 vaccination report.

Individuals who had been jabbed however have now not registered within the vaccination report machine of Macao are appealed to get vaccinated or check in once conceivable. As for individuals who had been vaccinated within the Mainland or different puts, they are going to observe for registration throughout the provider hours of the COVID-19 vaccination stations with out making an appointment.

Please deliver alongside the next paperwork for registration at a COVID-19 vaccination station:

  • The unique and photocopy of the COVID-19 vaccination report issued through the legit government of where of vaccination for holders of an digital report, take a screenshot and print out the COVID-19 vaccination report along with the non-public id knowledge, and provide the COVID-19 vaccination report with an digital instrument throughout the registration for verification;
  • The unique and a duplicate of the non-public id record used on the time of vaccination. For instance: ‘Go out-Access Allow for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao’ is used when coming into Macao, however  the ‘Resident Id Card’ used to be used when vaccinating within the Mainland, then the unique and duplicate of the ‘Resident Id Card’ must be introduced; and a passport used to be used for vaccination out of the country, then the unique and duplicate of the passport must be introduced.

People who find themselves unvaccinated towards COVID-19 are steered to get vaccinated once conceivable. To make an appointment for vaccination or to test the provider hours of the COVID-19 vaccination stations, please discuss with the next website online:

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