COVID can be fatal
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At-home testing convenience to help you stay safe and informed.

Testing COVID-19

A lot has changed since the early days of the pandemic, when people lined up at testing sites awaiting their turn for a test.

There are so many options regarding COVID-19 testing; it is often unclear which test is needed and when. Verepass has those answers and provides a simple, easy-to-understand solution where you can test yourself or a loved one —and get results—in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Rapid Antigen Testing

Until now, the majority of rapid diagnostic tests have been Antigen tests. These tests are taken with a nasal or throat swab and, if done correctly, will detect the protein that is part of the coronavirus. These tests are beneficial for identifying a person who is at or near peak infection.

Rapid Antigen tests are less expensive and generally faster. You don’t need complex and costly test kits to detect Antigens.

One issue associated with Antigen tests is that there is a little lag between when someone gets infected and when the antigens show up. That means if a person is not near peak infection – but is still contagious – the tests may come back negative.

Indicators to consider for Self-Testing


You have had a recent contact/exposure with a confirmed positive COVID-19 tested individual and/or a close contact with someone suspected of COVID-19.


Symptoms that are consistent with the FLU or COVID-19 and you are not certain which it is.


You have recently returned from airline travel and maybe self-quarantining.


Prior to visiting a ‘at risk’ person in hospital, nursing home, new baby, or pre-existing condition individual’s home (diabetes, autoimmune weakness, respiratory condition, cancer).


You provide care or monitor high risk individuals at home.


Workplace or group screening prior to in person meetings or return to work.

Before you test, install Verepass

The easy-to-use IOS and Android mobile apps deliver an intuitive testing experience. Verepass provides rapid test results, tracks your testing history, and lets you easily share results with those who need to know

Test Details

  • Convenient, single use test. 
  • 98%* accurate results in just 15 minutes.
  • The Verepass app walks you through the test to result process step-by-step and allows you to share your results securely.
  • Covered by most insurance (up to 8 tests per person per month).
  • Authorized by the FDA.
  • For in vitro diagnostic use only.  
  • Must be age 2+ to use this test.

Results when you need them.

With Verepass you are able to access and share your results anytime on any device you have.  

Verepass helps sort through the science of COVID-19, process it, and offer an easy pathway to understanding your COVID-19 health, which will get you back to doing what you enjoy.