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A couple of research have proven that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is a extremely poisonous and inflammatory protein, in a position to inflicting pathologies in its hosts.

The presence of spike protein has been strongly related with lengthy COVID and post-vaccine signs. Research have proven that spike proteins are steadily found in symptomatic sufferers, every now and then even months after infections or vaccinations.

The numbers of lengthy COVID and post-vaccine circumstances were mountain climbing in the USA, more and more posing as a healthcare drawback.

Information from the Middle of Illness Regulate and Prevention (CDC) estimates that round 7 % of American citizens are these days experiencing lengthy COVID signs, which might be over 15 million other people. Some other people with lengthy COVID were so debilitated that they can’t move to paintings, the similar were reported in other people experiencing post-vaccine signs.

Over 880,000 antagonistic occasions were reported to the Vaccine Hostile Match Reporting Device (VAERS) database for conceivable post-COVID vaccine signs.

On the other hand, statisticians argue that the selection of other people affected by post-vaccine syndromes are a lot upper.

Canadian molecular biologist Jessica Rose estimated an underreporting issue of 31, including as much as an estimation that greater than 27 million American citizens could have suffered from antagonistic occasions following vaccination.

“The vaccine-injured are huge,” stated Dr. Pierre Kory on Oct. 15 at a Entrance Line COVID-19 Important Care Alliance (FLCCC) convention.

“The numbers are huge … they’re underserved and their wishes aren’t being met.”

On the other hand, many docs need to trade this example. The FLCCC has been at the vanguard in treating COVID-19, lengthy COVID, and post-vaccine signs.

No huge scale research were accomplished on remedy for post-vaccine signs. According to scientific observations, affected person comments, and intensive analysis, the FLCCC has launched its up to date remedy suggestions.

The FLCCC co-founder and Leader Medical Officer Dr. Paul Marik advised The Epoch Instances that suggestions are all the time matter to switch in keeping with affected person comments, in addition to analysis on a brand new remedy possibility.

On the other hand, to grasp the remedy choices, one first wishes to grasp on how spike protein is inflicting injury.

Pathology of Spike Proteins

Lengthy COVID and post-vaccine syndrome proportion a top level of overlap as the 2 stipulations have each been related to long-term spike protein presence, and the indications are steadily an identical too.

“The core drawback in post-vaccine syndrome is continual ‘immune dysregulation,’” Marik shared on the FLCCC convention.

Spike proteins may cause continual irritation. Research have proven that irritation can result in mobile pressure, injury, or even demise.  Cells make up tissues, other tissues shape organs, and organs are a part of our personal physiological techniques. Due to this fact spike protein accidents are a systemic syndrome.

Spike proteins cause continual irritation by means of inflicting immune dysregulation. Spike proteins input immune cells, transfer off commonplace immune responses, and cause pro-inflammatory pathways as a substitute.

The traditional immune reaction for contaminated immune cells is to free up sort 1 interferons, this give indicators to different immune cells to strengthen protection in opposition to viral debris. However spike protein reduces this signaling in contaminated cells, and uninfected cells may also soak up and change into broken by means of the spike protein because the an infection is going out of keep watch over.

Marik stated {that a} vital facet of long-term spike protein injury is that it inhibits autophagy, your frame’s method of recycling broken cells. Typically, when cells were contaminated with viral debris, the cells will attempt to ruin those debris down and take away them as waste.

On the other hand, research on SARS-CoV-2 viruses have proven that autophagy processes are lowered in contaminated sufferers, with spike proteins provide many months after the preliminary publicity.

“The spike protein is a in point of fact depraved protein,” stated Marik. “It switches off autophagy, that’s why the spike can keep within the cells for this kind of very long time.”

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Dr. Paul Marik, co-founder of the Entrance Line COVID-19 Important Care Alliance (FLCCC) and previous Leader of the Department of Pulmonary and Important Care Medication at Japanese Virginia Scientific Faculty, on the FLCCC convention “Figuring out & Treating Spike Protein-Brought about Illnesses” in Kissimmee, Fla. on Oct. 14, 2022. (The Epoch Instances)

Immune Mobile Disorder

The immune disorder brought about by means of spike protein now not most effective reasons irritation, but in addition may additionally give a contribution to most cancers proliferation, and autoimmunity.

Research have proven that spike can scale back and exhaust the motion of T and herbal killer cells. Those two mobile sorts are liable for killing contaminated cells and cancerous cells. Due to this fact a discounted cell immunity from T and herbal killer cells can give a contribution to an premature clearance of spike-infected cells.

Harm from spike can result in broken DNA, and research have proven that spike too can scale back DNA restore. Mental and environmental pressure reminiscent of ultraviolet gentle, pollution, oxidants, and plenty of different elements, can automatically injury DNA, requiring consistent restore.

Broken DNA places cells in danger of changing into cancerous, and those cells will have to be killed to forestall most cancers formations. On the other hand, with lowered T and herbal killer mobile task, this will likely result in unchecked proliferation of doubtless cancerous cells.

Different dysfunctions which were reported following vaccinations come with autoimmune sicknesses.

Those sicknesses could also be related to the spike proteins having a top stage of molecular mimicry, which means spike proteins have many areas very similar to different proteins within the human frame.

So when the immune device assaults the spike protein, because of structural similarities, the antibodies produced in opposition to spike protein areas may additionally react in opposition to the frame’s personal proteins and tissues. Research have proven that antibodies made in opposition to the spike protein too can bind to and assault self tissues.

Spike Protein Reasons Fatigue

The spike could also be related with disorder within the mitochondria. Colloquially referred to as the powerhouse of the mobile, mitochondria are liable for harnessing power from the sugar we ingest.

Human neural cells handled with spike protein were proven to provide extra reactive oxygen species, and this is a sign of mitochondrial disorder, suggesting conceivable relief in power manufacturing.

Other folks with lengthy COVID and post-vaccine syndromes steadily enjoy continual fatigue, mind fog, workout intolerance, and muscle weak point. Those signs also are steadily noticed in other people with mitochondrial disorder, indicating a conceivable hyperlink.

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Dr. Paul Marik’s slides introduced on the FLCCC Convention in Orlando Florida (Courtesy of the FLCCC)

Spike Protein Harm to Blood Vessels and Organs

Spike proteins have proven to be in particular harmful to cells that line blood vessels. Spike proteins can bind to ACE2 and CD147 receptors and cause inflammatory pathways.

Those receptors are in particular plentiful in cells of the blood vessels, center, immune device, ovaries, and plenty of different spaces. Spike protein can due to this fact cause irritation and injury in blood vessels and its comparable organs, resulting in systemic harm.

Marik stated that spike protein harm is nearer to a systemic syndrome moderately than a illness.

“It’s now not a illness. It doesn’t are compatible the normal fashion of a illness. This can be a syndrome which impacts each unmarried organ … the spike is going in every single place … so this can be a multi-systems illness and it doesn’t practice the normal paradigm of a illness which is one symptom, one prognosis.”

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Dr. Pierre Kory’s slides introduced on the FLCCC convention in Kissimmee, Fla. (Courtesy of the FLCCC)

FLCCC’s First Line Therapies

Since lengthy COVID and post-vaccine signs are each related to spike protein presence, the primary line therapies beneficial by means of the FLCCC due to this fact center of attention on two primary steps.

Step one is to take away spike protein, the second one step is to cut back its toxicity.

The frame will then heal itself, and that is “the principle remedy purpose,” stated Marik.

Many of the first line therapies have keen on clearing out the spike protein by means of reactivating autophagy—a procedure this is downregulated by means of spike protein.

Way of life implementations can spice up autophagy thru intermittent fasting, and photobiomodulation. Photobiomodulation will also be accomplished by means of exposing oneself to the solar, since daylight accommodates infrared rays that spice up autophagy in cells.

Intermittent fasting may end up in a couple of well being advantages together with progressed insulin sensitivity, weight reduction, lowered irritation and autoimmunity, and plenty of extra.

On the other hand it will have to be famous that intermittent fasting isn’t beneficial for other people more youthful than the age of 18, as it could save you enlargement. Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies also are now not beneficial to rapid intermittently. Other folks with diabetes and kidney illness also are beneficial to test with their number one care physicians earlier than taking into account intermittent fasting.

Whilst intermittent fasting will not be appropriate for everybody, there are different remedy choices that may spice up autophagy and scale back spike protein toxicity.

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(Sonis Images/Shutterstock)


Ivermectin has been extremely beneficial by means of the FLCCC and plenty of docs treating COVID, lengthy COVID, and  post-vaccine syndrome, at the foundation that it’s affordable, extremely obtainable, has a top protection profile, and a top reaction price.

The drug is extremely dynamic and has additionally been documented with quite a few purposes: antiviral, anti-parasitic, anti inflammatory, and likewise boosts autophagy.

Ivermectin can lend a hand with the elimination of spike protein. Research have proven that ivermectin has the next affinity for the spike protein and can bind to its areas, successfully neutralizing and immobilizing it for destruction.

Ivermectin additionally immediately opposes the pro-inflammatory pathways which might be prompted by means of the spike protein together with NF-KB pathway that turns on inflammatory cytokines and toll-like receptor 4.

FLCCC docs explanation why that ivermectin and intermittent fasting can act “synergistically” to take away the frame spike protein, and recommends taking ivermectin with or simply after a meal.

Ivermectin could also be ready to bind to ACE2 and CD147, and due to this fact blocks spike protein from getting into and triggering irritation in cells that show those receptors. Research have additionally proven that ivermectin can care for the power produced by means of mitochondria even underneath stipulations of low oxygen.

Kory stated that round 70 to 90 % of his post-vaccine syndrome sufferers reply to the drug, normally inside 10 days.

“Sufferers will also be categorised as ivermectin responders or non-responders … the non-responders—[are] in fact a bunch of sufferers which might be tougher to regard,” stated Marik.

Sufferers which might be non-responsive—normally after 4 to 6 weeks of remedy—are beneficial to head on a extra competitive remedy.

When overdosed, ivermectin may cause confusion, disorientation, and most likely even demise. On the other hand, the drug has a top protection profile when utilized in affordable doses. There may be little literature on its use in pregnant ladies so the FLCCC cautions in opposition to using it in being pregnant.

“Ivermectin has frequently proved to be astonishingly protected for human use,” wrote Dr. Satoshi Ohmura, the discoverer of ivermectin in his co-authored learn about.

“Certainly, it’s this kind of protected drug, with minimum unwanted side effects, that it may be administered by means of non-medical group of workers or even illiterate people in far flung rural communities, supplied that they have got had some very fundamental, suitable coaching.”

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Screenshot of a photograph of naltrexone, a medicine authorized for opioid and alcohol habit this is utilized in low dose to regard lengthy COVID. (innovationcompounding.com/screenshot by means of The Epoch Instances)

Low Dose Naltrexone

Low dose naltrexone (LDN) has just lately made the scoop as an possibility for lengthy COVID remedy.

“We’ve been the use of it for lots of, many months,” stated Marik. “Low dose naltrexone is an excessively potent anti inflammatory drug. It’s been utilized in many continual inflammatory sicknesses.”

Clinically, FLCCC docs have noticed many in their sufferers’ signs make stronger following remedy with LDN, even though it will take months for the advantages to be obviously visual.

Customary naltrexone is recurrently used to forestall overdose in narcotic customers. On the other hand, when lowered to round a tenth of its commonplace focus, to one mg to 4.5 mg in LDN, the drug’s mechanism adjustments dramatically.

LDN has an anti inflammatory impact; research display that it is in a position to block inflammatory toll-like receptors, scale back the manufacturing of pro-inflammatory cytokines, and block inflammatory cascades.

LDN works to stability the task between Th1 and Th2 sort cytokines.

Th1 sort cytokines generally tend to provide pro-inflammatory reaction to kill intracellular parasites and propel autoimmune actions. Th2 sort cytokines normally have extra of an anti inflammatory task and will counteract the task of Th1 cytokines.

LDN selectively modulates this stability by means of lowering Th1 task and lengthening Th2 cytokine actions.

Clinically, LDN has been proven to be efficient in opposition to post-COVID and post-vaccine neurological signs. It’s been indexed by means of the FLCCC to be efficient in opposition to neuropathic ache, mind fog, fatigue, bell’s palsy, and facial paresthesia.

It is because LDN additionally reduces neuroinflammation. It’s neuroprotective and is in a position to go the blood-brain barrier and scale back inflammatory movements of the microglia, which serve as as immune cells within the mind.

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Blueberries on picket desk; center of attention on unmarried blueberry (Shallow DOF)


Resveratrol is a nutraceutical recurrently present in end result. It may be present in peanuts, pistachios, grapes, pink and white wine, blueberries, cranberries, or even cocoa and darkish chocolate.

It will also be received thru nutrients, even though there’s normally a low bioavailability of resveratrol, and due to this fact the FLCCC recommends it to be considering quercetin.

Resveratrol is anti inflammatory and anti-oxidizing. Research have proven it to be selective in killing most cancers cells. It turns on DNA restore pathways and due to this fact can scale back cell pressure and save you the formation of cancerous cells.

In stressed out cells, resveratrol can scale back reactive oxygen species produced by means of the mitochondria and advertise autophagy. In animal research on fruit flies and nematodes, using resveratrol higher their lifespan, indicating the molecule’s anti-aging and life-extending homes.

An association of aspirin drugs in New York. (Patrick Sison/Record Picture by the use of AP)

Low Dose Aspirin

Very similar to ivermectin, aspirin is some other drug that has been discovered to be multifaceted in its results for well being.

Aspirin is anti inflammatory and an anticoagulant. The drug due to this fact reduces the danger of micro-clot formation within the blood vessels. Research have proven that it could additionally scale back pro-inflammatory pathways, oxidative pressure, and could also be neuroprotective.

Neurocognitive impairment has been a significant criticism of many of us affected by post-COVID vaccine syndromes. This contains mind fog and peripheral neuropathic ache.

Research on Alzheimer’s illness sufferers have proven that taking aspirin used to be related to slower cognitive decline, even though effects were conflicting throughout other research.

Animal research confirmed that rats that got aspirin had decrease cognitive decline. Research in rats with broken nerves advised that aspirin can be neuroprotective because of its anti inflammatory nature.

The usage of aspirin would possibly purpose unwanted side effects in being pregnant and reminiscent of bleeding.

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Molecule Of Melatonin. By way of Sergey Tarasov/Shutterstock


Melatonin is a hormone produced by means of the pineal gland to advertise a restful sleep. It has each anti inflammatory and anti-oxidizing homes.

In cells, melatonin promotes mitochondrial well being by means of lowering energetic oxygen species. For the reason that mitochondria makes use of numerous oxygen, when it’s stressed out thru environmental toxins reminiscent of radiation or spike protein publicity, it will produce reactive oxygen species.

Melatonin, an antioxidant, can due to this fact save you oxidative injury. Research display that it additionally prevents leakage of electrons from mitochondria and due to this fact maximizes power manufacturing.

It additionally promotes autophagy by means of unblocking the autophagy pathway, serving to the mobile to damage down spike proteins and spice up the elimination of those poisonous proteins.

Because of its anti-oxidizing belongings, melatonin maintenance DNA broken by means of loose radicals. Melatonin and its metabolites additionally turn on genes that advertise DNA restore, and suppress gene task that can result in broken DNA.

Melatonin additionally has anti-cancerous homes. Animal research on melatonin have proven that animals that had been administered melatonin had a decrease price of tumor era.

Melatonin has additionally been beneficial by means of the FLCCC in treating tinnitus, a symptom of post-vaccine and lengthy COVID. The symptom is a ringing within the ears, and will disturb sleep if critical. Melatonin can lend a hand scale back the ringing and lend a hand other people to get a just right evening’s sleep.

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A bottle is proven studying “Vaccine COVID-19” and a syringe subsequent to the Pfizer and Biontech emblem on Nov. 23, 2020. (Joel Saget/AFP by the use of Getty Pictures)

Variations Between Lengthy COVID and Publish-Vaccine Syndrome

Each lengthy COVID and post-vaccine syndrome are pushed by means of spike protein load and injury from spike publicity, and due to this fact proportion a top level of overlap in remedy.

On the other hand, docs understand slight variations in sure scientific shows between the 2 stipulations, and due to this fact the FLCCC have prioritized other therapies.

“It sort of feels that with the vaccine injured, the primary symptom and the primary organ is neurological,” stated Marik. In his commentary, more or less “greater than 80 % of sufferers with vaccine harm have a point of neurological impairment.”

Marik stated post-vaccine signs will also be more difficult to regard than lengthy COVID, and are extra continual, with some sufferers presenting with debilitating signs for nearly two years.

Due to this fact remedy for other people with post-vaccine signs are “extra competitive and extra mind focused,” stated Marik.

“It sort of feels like lengthy COVID will get higher with time. Whilst some sufferers persist, it kind of feels to be fairly self resolving to some extent,” stated Marik. “The issue with the vaccine-injured is that it could persist. Now we have sufferers who had been vaccinated in December of 2020 … [who] are nonetheless significantly, significantly injured.”

“The 2 are an identical, however we’ve put a lot more emphasis at the vaccine-injury as it’s a a lot more tough illness to regard.”

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