Why Camila Alves Did Now not Injure Neck From Vaccine!

Anti-vaccination activists are blaming the autumn that injured Matthew McConaughey’s spouse, Camila Alves, at the vaccine!

Check out the viral claims, and to find out what the information in reality are!


Declare : Camila Alves Injured Neck As a result of Of COVID-19 Vaccine!

Proper after information broke that Matthew McConaughey’s spouse, Camila Alves injured her neck in a fall, anti-vaccination activists in an instant blamed it at the COVID-19 vaccine.

DiedSuddenly : Matthew McConaughey’s totally 💉’d spouse Camila has fallen down a flight of stairs and damaged her neck. The couple in the beginning took a stand towards youth mandates, however then caved from power and volunteered their son. #DiedSuddenly

Dr. James E. Olsson : Why did Matthew McConaughey’s spouse Camila collapse the steps? Did she move out or randomly cave in? Turns out like a large number of individuals are collapsing. I don’t learn about those other people. I’m no longer being sarcastic about it however they may wish to put on a helmet, it would save their lives.

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Why Camila Alves Did Not Injure Neck From Vaccine!


Fact : Camila Alves Injured Neck Via Tripping, Now not From Vaccine!

I can’t consider I’ve to put in writing this piece. Simply since the fall injured a star, does no longer imply the vaccine led to it.

Sure, each Matthew McConaughey and his spouse had been totally vaccinated in 2021, as a result of Matthew’s mom who resides with them, used to be 90 years outdated then and immunocompromised.

However Camila’s fall had NOTHING to do with the vaccine. She mainly tripped on unfastened pant cloth that were given stuck on her shoe, and fell.

Those antivaxxers stay getting away with their lies and disinformation, as a result of they know that the general public don’t hassle to test.

If they only learn what Camila Alves herself wrote about what came about, they might have realised that her fall had NOTHING to do with the COVID-19 vaccine!

I’m good enough however… Don’t fall other people…don’t fall…
Girls grasp your lengthy clothes up or lose pants up when going by means of down the steps!! wind blew mine as I used to be midair, pant cloth wrapped round my shoe and down the ground I went…A foolish fall, become no longer so foolish neck scenario, restoration time forward…
não cai gente… não cai… um acidente bobo, tornou-se em não tão bobo, agora entrando na fase de recuperação… quando tiver descendo escada segura o vestido longo ou calça solta !! O vento bateu quando estava descendo escada, minha calça solta prendeu no sapato quando estava no meio do degrau, vi o chão!! Uma caída boba se transformou em nao tanto agora entrando na fase de recuperação

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Why Camila Alves Did Not Injure Neck From Vaccine!

Let me be transparent – COVID-19 vaccines don’t seem to be magical potions, or elixirs of immortality. Even though we’re fully-vaccinated towards COVID-19, we will be able to nonetheless die in the future, sooner or later.

The COVID-19 vaccine simply is helping to coach our personal immune device to battle off the SARS-CoV-2 virus, in order that if we do get inflamed, we stand a a lot better probability of keeping off serious sickness, and dying.

Those vaccines are not anything greater than coaching camps for our frame’s personal military – our immune device. Positive, you’ll move into struggle with out coaching and heck, it’s possible you’ll even win the struggle. However does it no longer make sense to coach your infantrymen first, to provide your military a greater probability?

Now, after you might be fully-vaccinated and boosted, your frame is extra able to preventing off a COVID-19 an infection. Heck, it’s possible you’ll finally end up with an asymptotic an infection, and no longer even realise you had been inflamed!

However that doesn’t imply you might be secure towards different reasons of unexpected or surprising dying or accidents – different infections and sicknesses, automotive twist of fate, stroke, unexpected cardiac arrest, suicide, drug overdose, or perhaps a fall.

Sure, you’ll fall, wreck a leg, endure a middle assault or sepsis, and even get most cancers. The vaccine does no longer make you immortal.

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Simplest antivaxxers will falsely blame the COVID-19 vaccine for deaths from different reasons. It’s no longer handiest immoral, it’s extremely irresponsible, malicious and vindictive.

It’s something if antivaxxers make a selection to chance their very own lives. They’ve no proper to lie and lie to other people into risking their lives.

Over 12 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered international up to now two years, and their protection and efficacy were confirmed time and time once more.

Prevent believing within the lies peddled by means of loopy other people at the Web. Sure, that incorporates disgraced docs like Peter McCullough who used to be after all stripped of his board certifications!

Talking of docs, I must additionally indicate that the true Dr. James E. Olsson died in 2006. The preferred anti-vaccination Twitter account used his identify to push pretend information. Take a look at how misleading and evil those antivaxxers in reality are.


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